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INNANHAV ISBN 978-91-633-2697-4


– a book about animals and plants
in brackish water

  • ISBN 978-91-633-2697-4
  • Size 25x29 centimetres
  • 320 pages
  • 1212 pictures

The book describes the Swedish
coast of the Baltic Seas from
Kullaberg via Falsterbo to Haparanda

Main chapters

  • Underwater scenery and dive sites
  • Natural habitats in brackish water
  • Origin and range of species
  • Habitat selection and behaviour
  • Human environmental impact
  • Human environmental commitment
  • Diving and photography
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INNANHAV – a book about animals and plants in brackish water
(In Swedish language only)

Diving and photography work for the book has ranged over a period of 18 years, from 1990 to 2007. Within the scope of this project I have made dives at 134 separate sites and photographed 387 rolls of film with altogether (theoretically) 13,932 exposed frames.

INNANHAV describes Öresund, the Baltic Sea, the Bothnian Sea and the Bothnian Gulf as beautiful, colourful and very lively natural habitats with a rich flora and fauna underwater. But – that doesn't fit with all the catastophy reports in the media! Isn't the entire Baltic area a dead, lifeless, stinking pit? No – my description doesn't fit. The book is certainly very much politically incorrect...

Media reports of a catastrophic situation are true. But they only give parts of the picture. Dark reports may easily cause despair and loss of hope. "If things are that bad, it's too late anyway..." With INNANHAV I hope to present a positive and hopeful optional picture. All the beautiful and fascinating creatures and plants shown in the book actually live there, under the surface. They are worth fighting for, defend and conserve!

INNANHAV is such an ambitious project, that no commercial publisher would even touch it. That is why I have decided to publish a free, downloadable edition on the Internet. I did so hoping to evoke public attention and pre-publishing interest – long before the printed edition was available. You could even start downloading the web edition long before the book was finalized!

The "free" web edition
When something claims to be "free of charge", there is usually a catch. Also in this case. Actually several catches. The downloadable PDF files are "for your eyes only" on the computer screen. The documents:

  • require Adobe Reader 6.0 or later to be viewed
  • have low resolution . Zooming in images is useless. Details just blur into pixels.
  • are protected by password against
    • printing
    • text copying
    • text search
    • image copying
  • can not be combined into one consecutive file. They remain "separate pieces".

The complete book of 320 pages is ready for downloading. It is my sincere hope that it will raise interest in the "paper edition" – and not the reverse...

"Preliminary edition"
The "download edition" became much more important than I had imagined initially. It became not just a sneak preview for readers and book buyers. Rather, it assumed the primary purpose as a "preliminary edition" to be corrected by specialists. Great thanks to all who contributed corrections and viewpoints!

Maybe I will try to keep the web edition "alive" and updated even after INNANHAV has gone to print. Already I know corrections I want to make.

Let me know what you think
If you want to:

  • correct something you consider to be an error
  • give your points of view on matters concerning the book
  • place an order for copies from the printed edition,

Contact me!

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