Lectures and slide shows

All images in my new shows are digitally stored,
and I am the owner of a bright widescreen digital projector with Full-HD 1920x1080 pixels.
Now I can animate the images to make a slide show seem more like a movie.

First to go is the slide show about the Baltic Seas
with beautiful pictures and exquisite music (no spoken commentary!)
but with titles in Swedish and English language versions:

Östanhav titelbild SE   Östanhav titel EN
Click on a picture above to see a low-resolution version of the show on YouTube. Opens in a separate window/tab..

BALTIC IMPRESSIONS is an animation based on pictures in my book "INNANHAV - en bok om djur och växter i brackvatten" (so far in Swedish only). The aim of the book is primarily to give facts and information. It "speaks to your head". BALTIC IMPRESSIONS "speaks to your heart " – conveys the feel of diving in the Baltic Sea area, and the joy and excitement of visiting the Nordic waters of our enclosed sea.

All music is composed specially for the show by Thomas Mavian. He is a diver with good knowledge of the Baltc undersea, as well as a master of the "synthetic symphony orchestra" in his computer. On top of it all, he lives on Gotland, an island in the Baltic Sea! The soundtrack is also available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and a few more. Visit him on his website .

BALTIC IMPRESSIONS is created as an animated slide show, in Full-HD 1920x1080 pixels. On a large, wide projection screen, all images are presented razor sharp. All animations are smooth, soft and flowing. This experience is truly different from the postcard-size clips on YouTube! The latter are just low-resolution conversions to video – awfully blurry, jumpy and jerky, yet easily available tidbits.

Running time 16 minutes, appr. 200 images.


All-nighter on a Baltic theme
supplemented with a lecture – with or without images. Some suggestions:

   plants and animals in Nordic brackish waters .
   200 images, 90 minutes, SVGA-format.

DIVING IN GREEN HAZE – how diving in the
   limited visibility of the Baltic can be equally
   enjoyable as in clear, warm, blue waters.
   (Work in progress; planned to be 40 minutes)

CLOSE UP – how to find the tiny critters of the
   Baltic and take pictures of them.
  (Work in progress; planned to be 40 minutes)

MOVING STILLS – how a simple slide show
   can be improved with animations.
  (Work in progress; planned to be 40 minutes)


In the pipeline...
If I meet public interest and demand, I am planning
to "digitize" and revise some of my previous slide

   blue tropical seas, green Nordic coastal waters
   and yellow lakes and rivers are all equally
   interesting, if you only set your eyes right.
   Planned to be 45 minutes.

45 YEARS AS AN UNDERWATER       PHOTOGRAPHER – a review of how diving
   equipment, cameras and photographic methods
   have developed during my professional life.
   Planned to be 2 x 40 minutes.

LIFE IN LAKES & RIVERS – a journey through
   freshwater biotopes from Lapland in the north to
   Austria in the south – all teeming with life!
   Planned to be 2 x 40 minutes.

You want to hire me to make a presentation
or perform a slide show?

My fee for a single performance of 1-3 hours is SEK 3000:- plus VAT and travel expenses by car. My equipment (video & audio) is so bulky and heavy that it cannot be transported by train or bus.

Tour prices are negotiable. On a tour, travel expenses can be coordinated and shared. On a long tour, lodging expenses will be added.

Do you want a special performance according to your wishes? My presentations and shows are meticulously prepared. To compose and rehearse a 45-minutes lecture requires minimum one full week. This time must be calculated into the price.

I can also help you to create animated slide shows from your images .

Interested? Contact me!

I reserve the rights to sell and sign my books before and after a presentation. .

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