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Who could ever imagine the Baltic Seas to be so beautiful?  


From the best images in INNANHAV I created an animated slide show with exquisite music.
To look at a downsampled video version of the show on YouTube – click the picture above or here . (Opens in a separate window or tab.)

I can also perform the show in Full-HD with my own projector and audio equipment. Read more here!

IH_omsl_fr_liten.JPG My book about underwater life along the Baltic coast of Sweden is still available:
about animals and plants in brackish water
(in Swedish language only)

Diving and photography work took 18 years (1990-2007).
Creating the book took more than 18 months.
Download the FREE "web edition"
The "paper edition" is now available
Place orders for copies of the printed edition
Read more here!


I am a diver and uw-photographer. Nearly all my webpage content is images...

Every image makes a website more painfully slow to load and navigate. At least via a slow modem.
Great effort has been spent to downsize and compress all images as far as possible
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